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Things are changing. Marketing is no longer about spending budget and having no idea if this has generated leads, increased sales or created awareness about your brand. Mountain Direct can provide you with the tools you need in order to see measurable results that give you a solid return on your marketing investment.

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Gareth Mountain – CEO

Gareth Mountain (MSc Elec Eng) was one of the founders and CEO of ThinkMoney.co.za, South Africa’s largest retailer of financial services.

Since leaving ThinkMoney, Gareth noticed that there is no “one size fits all” agency partner, leaving an opportunity to build Mountain Direct Solutions. Our offering brings the best in each of their fields in a collaborative partner approach to deliver one or multiple solutions, thereby ensuring the highest quality and delivery for our clients.

Gareth’s deep end-to-end knowledge and understanding of business strategy, performance marketing, distribution and sales fulfilment, provides Mountain Direct with a unique set of skills and IP to help any business who wants to not only align their marketing spend to key business metrics, but who also wants to rapidly increase their sales.


Strategic Support

A successful outcome of your Direct Marketing Strategy is being able to align your key metrics to your marketing, distribution and sales activities.

Mountain Direct will help you define these key metrics and align them in all your business activities, to ensure you are in a position to turn your marketing into a profit making centre.

You need to ask yourself these fundamental questions:

  1. “When last did my agency partner help me align all my marketing, distribution and sales activities to my business metrics?”
  2. “When last did my agency partner ask me how much I can afford to spend on acquiring a new client or sale?”
  3. “How do I hold my agency accountable to deliver against my key metrics?”
  4. “When last did my agency partner align their remuneration with my business success?”

At Mountain Direct, we start with these questions at the onset.

Solutions Delivery

Mountain Direct can not only help guide your direct marketing strategy, but can also implement all the solutions required to support your marketing, distribution and sales activities.

But we don’t stop at implementing these solutions for you. We can also train and support your staff to use them effectively, so they see the results for themselves and how they relate to your business metrics.

Whether you require a high performance web or mobi site built for SEM, an APP, a rapidly growing high affinity database, email and SMS marketing automation systems, content delivery, affiliate programs, sales fulfillment capabilities or more, we can help you.